Friday, November 7, 2008

hey attention guys....

i going to ended up my blog here and continue to blog in different way...
Hope i not making you guys angry~~~bye~~stay tune with my beloved friends...

Wednesday, October 1, 2008

26 sep 08 was a BEST Day for family but was a disaster for me~~Part 2

Sarawak Clubs...

Where "LUXURY MEAL" begin..

Bet u guys know where this place is...

Part 2

Food & Scenery

The Wedding Menu~~

(Golden Colour)


The contain of the menu which are:

Fish Lips Soup with Grabmeat
Streamed Seabass Cantonese Style
Roasted Chicken Chai Style
Mei Chiang Duck
Buttered Duck
Buttered Prawns
Mixed Vegetables with Seafood
Lotus Leaf Rice
Honey Dew Sago Cream


This is what a boring guy do~~

(Golden in colour which

A piece of slice cake beside it.

Oren lantern which caught my attention.

My table`s number 21..Lucky number as well.
Too bad no lucky draw that time.

Every each tables got the meaning.
The lantern shows the status.
The colour also shows the position who holds as well.

The Oren Lantern
(Duno what its mean)

Who cares so much la...

We only come here to eat....saids my cousin.

The Chilies....

Many dishes and meals are not well arranged.

Sorry to say...

Some of the meal i din took it.

Some even din send to our tables..

This is what HIGH Class place where the service sucks...

Really no cheat....

The most terrible part was the dish doesn`t follow what had been written in the menu.

This call high class???

If do, den mamak stall oso can be recognized as High Class lor...

So lame la....(=________________=)

K la...stop the craps...

Let me present to you the meal...

Lotus Leaf Rice

Lotus Rice open ceremony~~

Chiong ar...
Only took few ...
Trust me the taste wasn`t that nice.

Mixed Vegetables with Seafood

Fish Lips Soup with Grabmeat

Buttered Prawns

Buttered Duck

Roasted Chicken Chai Style

And the last dessert

Honey Dew Sago Cream

This Wonderful women is my aunts...
Not the Aunt that i mentioned in the part 1 there...

This great women inspired me how she does many amazing things during her life journey.

She also the bride`s mother...

She`s like A God mother to me~~^.^

26 sep 08 was a BEST Day for family but was a disaster for me~~Part 1

I dont wish to describe my story it might b i purposely divided into 2 parts...which will related the whole nite of my mind. Hope u guys will understand...Expesially for some certain friends...
Part 1

It was true that, 26 of sept was my BIG DAY~~for my FAMILY it really does mean a terrible day for ME!!!

The story began....
As usual, that day was Friday,was the day i can realised my stress...i do really need a deep rest and watch some mv too for puasing back my news...Unfortunately, i was been forced to attend some sort of cousin wedding...
Ya,i know it was great..but i really dont wish to tired and some more my cousin duno come out from no way,we also haven been met each others in years...i guess...

I know some of you guys might think..Gia la..nothing lose,free eat bo..dun 1 meh??some more got pretty mui mui to c...

For me,
If really got mui mui that can C...I go
If the food really so damn YUM (Good)..I go
If the service was GREAT...I go
and the most important thing,if that cousin I KNOW...I go

While i was preparing for my pyjamas n planned to went to bed...[Yea early ] that, nite time i can become A COLOUR WOLF~~Aouuuuuuuuuu~~

Sudden come out from no way, a sudden women gave me a shocked.=.=.....It was my second aunt..(=.=)

sien lor...listened to her bla bla bla...n She saids

"hey,what are you doing there??what is the time now??Still dun plan to dress up, we r getting late"

My face impression was (=____________________=)

Yea..Its true that my depression this...

I replied her by answering " can i dun go"

Aunt : "Cant la...aiks...u r the son of.....u must surrogated ur family la"

Me: (=.=) what the...o gosh...Dun talk to me about the word "Surrogated"woo....deep meaning wor...(go find dictionary)
Big bro oso din go some how ask me go...wat the fcuk..really no wish to go la...go there for wad??ask others la...dun even know them??
Nei..ask who who who go la...(find kambing hitam)~{SCAPEGOAT}

Aunt; "Go there den u will know liaw la..go la..high class place wor...Gia time liaw..."

Damn...while i was quarreling with aunt.
I heard the staircase was sounding loudly..
Damn...i surely know some one was coming towards me...


Another shooter shoots me again...

After a bunch of craps n some of the saliva wars....damn finally i.....lost the match...sien lor..go lor...

Searching for some victim to replaced me to go~~
Sui..big bro slip jor...sui..wise thought...
I salute u bro~~

Kenny,if u r reading this...pls dun misunderstand...i really the early time i tend to go for the badminton match...but suden got some difficulties...and forgot 1 more thing....The next day morning i having my EXAM~~So really must cancel the invitation lor..i am really so sorry la..~Ya la..this the damn thing which pissed me off la...and some how not yet get real prepared well....haizzzzzzzzzz..sien lor...2 long essay n 1 summary and some of the structure question...tiam liaw objective...sure Dead lor...waiting caught mum saliva whole body liaw...haiz...

Believed me...this is going to happen after my result out~~

Sunday, September 28, 2008

OMRON-You are the best~~

Yayaya...i know is really been awhile i did not post any of my words in...but i m really damn so busy of many useless new gadget things that just appeared at my house.

K...i dont wish to talk much anymore....Let me present to u....OMRON~~

What`s OMRON for??haha~~Is only a brand name..actually this kind of small machine is identify or check whether ur body is in what kind of condition or in the others ways more to detail....such as, HEART PROBLEM,HIGH BLOOD PRESSURE and so on...

Two most important parts. Which is.....

Take a close picture.

Yes,until this piece of small gadget plays the main role.

Manual notes that i dun even take a look~~
Bored la..too many deep words and make me confused.

Dun care la....take the opportunity while mum at the kitchen.
This what u guy always c inside the clinic room.

So,guys and i can b my own personal DOCTOR in my house. Helping my mum to check his body condition. If next time u guys wish to check heart problem or body medical check u might cm n drop a visit to vincent personal medical check up.

Its ok for u guys who close to me....others who charged u rm 60 o RM 50...hey no cheat wor...ta day i just went to body check up...damn it costed me RM 65. It was damn expensive la...and some more still need to take many working days...For me,haha~~1 hour done for u...

I know la...its illegal for it..i dun hv the i at lease u will know what u want ma?rite??haha~~lolx...hey,new fresh man who feel want to experience some HIGH feeling...i dun mean DRUGS dun misunderstand...i m only a lao sik kia..who only wish can help many human being.. no doubt that u wan to the right place..lolx..

Yea it sounds great..but the worst part is it seems like easy because it only got 2 buttons. Some how,i still could not understand well what the word represents of...haha~~

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Diana a good bet for prestigious State award (Kuchingian Proud)

KUCHING: Among the six nominees vying for the Sarawak Sportswoman of the Year award 2005-06, Diana Bong Siong Lin stands a good chance of landing the prestigious accolade especially for her achievements in 2006.

The wushu exponent has never failed to bring home a medal in stints for State and country.

In the 2006 Doha Asian Games, she managed to win a bronze in a discipline combining nanquan, nandao and nangun.

Diana, who started the sport six years ago, is a national athlete training at Bukit Jalil Sports School and she is in the midst of preparing for the Beijing Olympics next year.

Her coach and mentor James Ting said Diana was an exemplary athlete and was the top wushu exponent in the country.

Her strong attributes include a winning attitude as well as being hard-working.

Her highest achievements include winning gold in the nanquan and a silver in the daoshu at the 7th Shanghai International Wushu Festival in 2004 although these will not support her for the award.

Monday, September 15, 2008

Today in slightly sad news: Kenny George likely out for the year

You all know Kenny George. The tallest person ever to play Division-1 basketball, the UNC Asheville center is 7-foot-9, 370 pounds, and is only nominally good at the sport despite his incredible size. Part of that size means being naturally disposed, whether willingly or not, to play basketball for a living. The other part, the ugly part (if there is anything "pretty" about being so freakishly large) is that injuries are much more likely and, once suffered, much more difficult. So it goes for George. The big fella had his second foot surgery this week and looks like he won't play much this year, if at all. George has always been an object of fascination to me. Without being too overt, I'll admit that I'm interested in the way George's gift is also his curse, the way his size -- what so many former basketball players, including myself, prayed for as camp-attending youths -- is something that presents more struggle for George than it alleviates. In basketball, everyone wants to be big. No one wants to be that big. It feels like a cruel cosmic joke. But I doubt George would feel that way. He seems interested in much more than basketball. According to this New York Times story, which ran last year when George became briefly enjoyed the ESPN-fueled national spotlight, George has written screenplays and built storyboards, and basketball seems like less of a concern to him than does living a normal, full life. In a level of athletics where people routinely go insane to succeed, that's a welcome bit of sanity. Anyway, that's what I find fascinating. Also? Dude wears size 26 shoes. 26! Look down at your shoe, and then double it in size. Maybe even triple it. That's pretty wild, too.

Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Izit gud for Satellite TV On Your PC???

Just read an article a hot topic about an articles "Does satellite provide a well clear vision on pc??"

Well about this article i dun dare to judge anythings.But, for u viewer wad u people think??

With the proliferation of satellite on your pc software across the internet the first question people ask, is this too good to be true? As with every product on the consumer market it will have its up side and it’s down side. This holds true for satellite TV on your pc. This product has many advantages and disadvantages.

Satellite TV for your computer is usually a program that is purchased or downloaded and installed onto the user’s computer. The user is then able to view various programming from all over the world simply by using the satellite TV program and connecting to the various channels available. This is usually streaming video and you get everything from news, music and movies live.

Having satellite television on your pc it’s a blessing for the couch potato. One advantage is the fact that you have no expensive equipment or monthly fees to buy or pay for. With the various products available, all you do is pay a one time fee and you are up and running. The setup fee for satellite TV on your pc is anywhere between $50 and $100. That is a bargain compared to the cost of buying satellite television equipment, which can range from $300 to $1000.

The main disadvantage of purchasing satellite TV for your pc is that most people believe you’re getting both Direct TV and Dish Network; them being the most popular satellite television choices. This is a myth as the satellite TV programming you get from these products are usually free satellite television feeds. It would be impossible to get Direct TV or Dish Network programming as those are subscriber based and you have to pay to receive their services. The free satellite TV that the products describe are really free, however the quality of programming varies. The major satellite providers pay for their content that’s why they are able to offer HBO and ESPN to name a few of the channels. The free satellite TV products do not do this; hence you only get what is available for free.

As discussed above there are two sides to the proverbial coin with satellite TV on your pc. There will be advantages and disadvantages with a product like this. On one end the advantages are that you get a complete system setup for a very low cost. The disadvantage is the programming will be nowhere close to that offered on the major carriers. The quality of the programming will be very paltry. Once you weigh the advantages and disadvantages against each other you will be able to determine if this product is right for you.